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University of Michigan Partners with BGU

University of Michigan Partners with BGU

March 18, 2013

Alternative Energy

The Michigan Daily — The University of Michigan (U-M) recently announced that it will partner with BGU to research renewable energy technologies.

Faculty from both universities will be accepting and working on proposals for research projects in various fields of renewable energy such as solar energy, transportation fuels and thermoelectric materials.

“The idea is that each project will involve a faculty collaborator from each institution,” says Prof. Mark Barteau, a facuty member from U-M’s Department of Chemical Engineering.

“It’s a way for us to broaden our network and look for opportunities to both apply and expand the kind of energy research that’s going on at the University of Michigan,” add Prof. Barteau.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has already had success in renewable energy technologies, notes U-M Vice President for Research Stephen Forrest.

“We feel we have a lot to gain. Just as in any classroom or laboratory we gain from our local diversity, well, of course, you gain that same diversity as we reach out to other countries,” says Forrest.

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