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Ultrasound Solution Receives $1.95M in New Funding

Ultrasound Solution Receives $1.95M in New Funding

March 22, 2016

Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

Geektime — Cardiac ultrasound automation software company DiACardio has received an injection of $1.95 million in new funding, led by the Shengjing Group, one of China’s leading private equity firms.

Aimed at making ultrasound evaluations faster and more accurate, DiACardio has developed an automated software product based on image processing technology that uses algorithms to detect maladies in the heart.

The software, called LVivo, was developed by Dr. Noa Liel-Cohen of Soroka University Medical Center and Prof. Hugo Guterman of BGU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. LVivo can produce quick and clear evaluations of a patient’s heart condition with only a few clicks.


Dr. Noa Liel-Cohen (left) and DiACardio Chief Executive Officer Hila Goldman-Aslan (right)
Photo: PR / DiACardio

Devices using this technology can be used by technicians in ambulances, in the field, and even in remote parts of the world that would normally not have access to this life-saving innovation.

The idea for LVivo came about when Dr. Liel-Cohen noticed how much difficulty doctors sometimes had reading ultrasound tests from traditional machines.

“This will help us make our mark on the world, assuring that cardiac patients get the right treatment as quickly as possible,” says Hila Goldman-Aslan, DiACardio’s founder and chief executive officer.

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