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MSIH Graduates Work in Global Health Initiatives

MSIH Graduates Work in Global Health Initiatives

February 16, 2012

Medical Research

A 10-year study of alumni from BGU’s Medical School for International Health (MSIH), a collaboration with New York’s Columbia University Medical Center, shows that a high percentage of graduates are actively working to advance the field of global health.

For example:

Ryan Carroll, M.D., M.P.H. from MSIH’s class of 2002, works in pediatric critical care at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Carroll also spends one-third of his time working with the Blantyre Malaria Project in Uganda, studying the effects of nitric oxide on pediatric cerebral malaria, traveling back and forth to Africa several times a year.

A 2003 graduate, Erica Spatz, M.D., M.P.H., is a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar at Yale University’s School of Medicine and is working to expand the safety net for the uninsured residents in the New Haven, Connecticut area.

Derived from interviews and alumni surveys, the data shows that:

  • 71% of MSIH’s 2002-2006 graduates are involved in one or more areas of global health
  • 62% of graduates from 2002-2009 are involved in one of more areas of global health

Here are some of the areas of global health MSIH grads are involved in:

  • On-going graduate education in public health or global health
  • International work in North America or in developing countries to conduct global health-related research, medical relief and humanitarian emergencies, health education, and global health medical education
  • Developing and teaching global health training or education programs
  • Post-graduate work on programs or projects for underserved or immigrant populations in North America or abroad

“Having known these incredible individuals as medical students, it is intriguing to see how their interests in global health have been shaped and strengthened throughout medical school and residency training,” says Pamela Cooper, MSIH’s administrative director who is based at Columbia University Medical Center.

“It underscores how an international partnership of two universities can advance global health medical education,” says Cooper.

Now in its 14th year, MSIH enrolls more than 160 students from around the world at BGU’s Marcus Family Campus in Beer-Sheva.

The program has 326 graduates in residency, fellowship, private practice, and research positions in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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