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Shimon Adaf’s Songs of Sderot

Shimon Adaf’s Songs of Sderot

February 4, 2015

Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought

TLV1 —  The work of writer, poet and singer-songwriter, Shimon Adaf was recently featured on TLV1 radio’s Israel in Translation program.

Adaf is a lecturer in BGU’s Department of Hebrew Literature and heads its Hebrew-language creative writing program.

Shimon Adaf (Photo: Eldad Refaeli)

Shimon Adaf
(Photo: Eldad Refaeli)

He has written five novels and three collections of poetry, which have received numerous prizes including the 2012 Sapir Prize, Israel’s most prestigious literary award.

Born and raised in the southern Israeli town Sderot, Adaf has written about his relationship with this city which is sometimes called “the bomb shelter capital of Israel” because of its proximity to Gaza.

His poem “Sderot” is read in English translation on this program.

The program also features an English translation of one Adaf’s poems about his Moroccan origins, “Ars Poetica,” and another called “Evening Prayer” which is rooted in the memory of his religious upbringing.

Adaf’s hometown of Sderot is also known for it vibrant music scene which he participates in, singing, writing songs and playing guitar with the band Ha’Atzulah.

Listen to the podcast on the TLV1 website >>