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Searching for Answers About Crohn’s Disease

Searching for Answers About Crohn’s Disease

May 24, 2016

Medical Research

The Jerusalem Post — A BGU study shows that stressful psychological or economic conditions can have harmful effects on patients with Crohn’s disease.

The research, performed at Soroka University Medical Center, was carried out by Prof. Shmuel Odes, Prof. Vered Slonim-Nevo and Prof. Orly Sarid of BGU’s Faculty of Health Sciences. The researchers aim to help patients cope with the chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

Among their findings was that male patients’ symptoms are more affected by financial problems than women with the same condition. In addition, divorce, dismissal from one’s job, or a death in the family tend to worsen the conditions of all Crohn’s patients.


Soroka University Medical Center

Fortunately, the ability to talk to family members and get support from loved ones can ease symptoms, and patients who have more close friends tended to generally feel better.

Prof. Odes, who heads the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit at Soroka, concludes that the research has important clinical implications on Crohn’s.

“Medications are not enough. Patients also need to be understood from their social, economic and family aspects,” he says.

The news of this research comes at a good time, as May is World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Awareness Month.

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