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There is More to Healthy Living Than Weight Loss

There is More to Healthy Living Than Weight Loss

February 1, 2012

Medical Research

The Jewish Week — In a two-year study conducted by Ben-Gurion University and the Nuclear Research Center Negev, researchers found that despite possible weight gain, maintaining a healthy diet still positively affects one’s overall health.

In the study, “Dietary Intervention Randomized Controlled Trial,” 322 participants were randomly assigned one of three healthy diets; low-fat, Mediterranean or low-carbohydrate; where each participant strictly adhered to their assigned diet.

Prof. Assaf Rudich, who led the study together with BGU colleagues Prof. Iris Shai and Rachel Golan, along with Dr. Matthias Bluher from Leipzig, Germany, discovered that the improvements found in people who stick with their healthy diets likely signify a decreased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Many of the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet remain, despite fluctuations in weight. The study, published in Diabetes Care, shows that specific blood biomarkers continue to improve even after weight regain takes place.

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