BGU is home to world-renowned researchers who are developing novel ways to produce renewable liquid fuels.

BGU’s Blechner Center for Industrial Catalysis and Process Development is a partner in the Israeli Center of Excellence on Solar Liquids, focused on developing liquid fuels from a variety of feedstocks. Production of biofuels from microalgae is a central research aim at the Landau Family Microalgal Biotechnology Laboratory, which is developing biotechnologies for mass production of microalgae for various commercial purposes. Other BGU researchers are creating synthetic gas, a carbon-neutral feedstock for liquid fuels. One group is working on creating alternative fuel for cars from recycled tires.

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BGU Researchers Improve Performance of Solar Panels

December 16, 2019

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Nanotechnology

The new technique -- inspired by nature’s lotus leaf -- removed 98% of dust particles.

Pardon Me, Turkey, Is This Stool Taken?

November 20, 2018

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU scientists turn poultry poop into fuel, providing a renewable energy resource.

BGU Is Turning Human Waste Into Renewable Biofuel

November 16, 2018

Tags: Alternative Energy

The discovery could address poor sanitation and the growing need for energy in developing countries.