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Philly Localites Honored at AABGU Tribute Brunch

Philly Localites Honored at AABGU Tribute Brunch

December 3, 2014

Leadership, Awards & Events

Main Line Media News – AABGU’s Mid-Atlantic Region, Philadelphia Chapter, recently held its annual community-wide Tribute Brunch at the Rittenhouse Hotel. The event honored several community leaders for their role as “Partners with Israel.”

Honorees included Robert Dunn, Sherrie R. Savett, Esq. and Murray H. Shusterman, Esq., who have all forged enduring personal connections to the State of Israel through their involvement in business, philanthropy and community leadership.

Honorees and event chairs

Front Row: Honorees Murray H. Shusterman, Esq.; Sherrie R. Savett, Esq. Back Row: Tribute Chairs Wayne Woodman and Lisa Scheller; Honoree Robert Dunn; Tribute Chairs Michele and Robert Levin

At the brunch, each honoree was presented with an artistic paper cutting, lovingly made several years ago by the late longtime AABGU champion, Dr. Stanley Tauber.

With more than 175 guests in attendance, AABGU’s local chapter also celebrated its extraordinary fundraising achievement this year.

Other members of the community who value education and are devoted to BGU include Stanley Ginsburg, a vice president of AABGU’s national board who, with Connie Katz, co-chaired the event’s ad journal. Michele and Robert Levin served as tribute chairs, along with Wayne Woodman and Lisa Scheller of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

In addition, Marla and Robert Zipkin are currently serving as AABGU’s Philadelphia Chapter chairs.

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