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Better To Shop Online With PC, Not Phone

Better To Shop Online With PC, Not Phone

November 23, 2019

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Miami Herald —  As online retailers put the final touches on their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, new research from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s Mobile Behavior Lab shows customers will get a bigger selection and make better choices from a PC instead of a phone or a tablet. The same applies for shopping online at any time of year and no matter what you want to buy: the latest holiday toy, a hotel room or a new computer.

Prof. Lior Fink
Head of Mobile Behavior Lab

The problem with shopping on a mobile device is the “responsive web design” that retailers, and most other websites, use to make their sites easier for people browsing on their phones, according to Prof. Lior Fink, head of the Mobile Behavior Lab in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

“It is the fact that sites adjusted for mobile viewing reduce the information offered on the results page and require more digging around in the site for information. Sites adjusted for PC viewing give more information right up front,” Fink said in a press release about the new study.

“While mobile-friendly presentation improves visibility, it reduces the amount of information and causes consumers to make decisions that are less consistent with their preferences,” Fink said.

According to research from the Mobile Behavior Lab, people in the United States spent more than $2 billion shopping online with their phones on Black Friday last year. For all of 2018, “phones accounted for 47% of traffic to online stores and 36% of sales according to Adobe Analytics.

The new research, funded by the Israel Science Foundation, will be presented at the International Conference on Information Systems in December.

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