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Israel’s Solar Future

July 10, 2020

Tags: Alternative Energy

Solar-thermal and photovoltaic panels could eliminate fossil fuels as a source of electricity in Israel.

Applying Jewish Law to Modern Medical Ethics

July 9, 2020

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Medical Research

BGU’s international medical school director discusses applying Jewish medical ethics during COVID-19.

BGU Identifies Malicious Drone Operators

July 9, 2020

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Robotics & High-Tech

Through neutral networking, malicious drone operators can be pinpointed with a high rate of accuracy.

AI Reveals Zoom’s Privacy Risks

July 7, 2020

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Robotics & High-Tech

New BGU research uncovers privacy risks for people and organizations using Zoom video conferencing.

A Solar Powered System for Israel and its Neighbors

July 6, 2020

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU professor emeritus explains how solar energy could power nearly all of Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

Cuddling A Furry Robot Makes Life Less Painful

July 1, 2020

Tags: Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

A BGU study shows that physically interacting with a robotic seal can reduce the perception of pain.

Ibuprofen Does Not Aggravate COVID-19

June 30, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

Contrary to French findings, BGU researchers conclude the use of ibuprofen does not exacerbate COVID-19.

AI Lifeguards Save Swimmers in Distress

June 30, 2020

Tags: Business & Management, Robotics & High-Tech

Funded by BGU and founded by alumni, Sightbit's smart tech augments lifeguards' abilities to save lives.

New Test for Degenerative Brain Injury in Athletes

June 24, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

Through new brain imaging and analytical methods, BGU researchers can detect neuro-degenerative disease.

Building An Innovation Ecosystem in the Desert

June 23, 2020

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs

From cybersecurity to desert tech, BGU is pioneering the future of the Negev.

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