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Israel Growing on Ghanain Student

April 4, 2011

Tags: Desert & Water Research

The Jerusalem Post -- Ph.D. student is looking to take what she learns at BGU to improve farming standards back home in Africa.

Can a Country Get 90% of Its Power From Renewables?

April 4, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU's David Faiman says it's possible for Israel with the right kind of solar energy storage.

Drivers Are As Good As Their Vision

April 4, 2011

Tags: Medical Research

AutoObserver -- BGU researchers find that diminished peripheral vision may contribute to pedestrian-related accidents among drivers over 65.

Rethinking Nuclear Power

March 25, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU's National Solar Energy Center is helping Israel say no to nuclear power.

Egypt’s Changing Face and the Implications for Israel and the ...

March 23, 2011

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

AABGU held a special live-from-Israel briefing for its leadership nationwide about Egypt's political crisis.

Bob Geldof to Be Awarded Honorary Doctorate at BGU

March 21, 2011

Tags: Uncategorized

Associated Press - BGU to honor Irish Singer and Social Activist at the 41st Annual Board of Governors Meeting.

Sleep Disorder May Spur Men to Head to Bathroom at Night

March 21, 2011

Tags: Uncategorized

U.S. News and World Report -- BGU researchers find that sleep apnea, not enlarged prostate, is causing men to wake up at night.

After Japan Quake, Jordanians, Israelis Link Hands

March 21, 2011

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security

BGU students, faculty conducted an earthquake drill with Israeli and Jordanian emergency medicine teams.

Student Profile: Zahava Mandelbaum

March 16, 2011

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs

Zahava Mandelbaum studied abroad at BGU's Ginsburg-Ingerman Overseas Student Program.

Artificial Reef Placed In the Red Sea

March 16, 2011

Tags: Press Releases

In April 2007 students and faculty installed the first new artificial reef in the Gulf of Eilat. Now the reef is covered with coral and has attracted fish to make it a perfect alternative dive site.