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Jerusalem Post: Noa Tishby to Host Celebrating the Remarkable

April 14, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

Israeli-American celebrity Noa Tishby was named as host of Celebrating the Remarkable, a virtual event taking place on April 25, hosted by AABGU honoring Ruth Westheimer, better known as Dr. Ruth.

Decades of Scientific Theory Potentially Disproven by BGU Study

April 6, 2021

Tags: Research News

Higher background radiation levels are linked to a longer life expectancy, according to the new study.

Why Israel is Becoming a Hub for Parkinson’s Research

April 5, 2021

Tags: Medical Research

Some 150 Israeli startups are developing technologies to help prevent, stop or even cure Parkinson’s.

Genes and Healthy Aging: A New Eye-Opening BGU Study

April 5, 2021

Tags: Research News

Researchers from BGU have identified the genes responsible for a more "healthy aging" process.

Star Noa Tishby to Host “Celebrating the Remarkable”

April 5, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Press Releases

"AABGU’s valuable work in helping develop Israel’s Negev region is nothing short of remarkable." - Noa Tishby

What the U.S. Can Learn From Israel’s Mass Vaccination

March 30, 2021

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

BGU's Prof. Nadav Davidovitch talks to NPR about lessons learned from Israel's mass vaccination campaign.

Kol Ami Rabbi Denise Eger Receives Honorary Doctorate from BGU

March 22, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

Rabbi Eger will also lead the new AABGU Rabbinic Council.

South African Variant More Resistant to Vaccine, BGU Finds

March 21, 2021

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

The vaccine still worked against the South African variant, but in a less efficient way.

BGU and NJIT Launch NJ Institute for Future Technologies

March 18, 2021

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

BGU and NJIT are two powerhouse universities in the fields of cyber technologies & environmental engineering.

Red Sea’s Treasured Coral Reefs Saved By Building Fake Ones

March 18, 2021

Tags: Natural Sciences

BGU researchers are studying ways to actively restore reefs and create artificial reefs.

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