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An End to an Epidemic

June 1, 2011

Tags: Medical Research

Diabetes is a disease that has a global impact and leaves many patients without effective tools to manage the disease. A team of BGU researchers, led by Dr. Eli Lewis, has developed a new therapy that may provide a cure.

The Face of Israel’s Last Frontier

May 12, 2011

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Negev Development & Community Programs

The San Diego Jewish Journal's editor finds out first-hand how BGU is making an impact on the Negev.

Eichmann Trial Altered Worldview of Holocaust

May 2, 2011

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought

Before the trial of Adolf Eichmann the consensus was that "Holocaust experiences were better left unexplored."

BGU’s Study of Drivers Over 65 in LA Times

March 3, 2011

Tags: Natural Sciences

BGU researchers find that older drivers overlook streetside pedestrians almost twice as often.