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Building Bridges Through Medicine

February 8, 2018

Tags: Medical Research, Negev Development & Community Programs

Dr. Adi Leiba brings together Israeli and Palestinian medical professionals in the West Bank for training.

BGU Hosts World’s Largest Cyber Security Games

November 10, 2017

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security

BGU is one of the global sites for the competition’s signature “Capture the Flag” hackathon event.

How Your Broken Phone Screen Can Help Hackers

August 24, 2017

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security

A BGU research team demonstrated how replacement components on Androids can invade users’ privacy.

World’s Largest Cyber Security Games Coming to BGU

August 9, 2017

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security

The games give students a chance to flex their cyber skills while meeting top recruiters in the field.

Alzheimer’s Linked to Lack of Specific Protein

July 27, 2017

Tags: Medical Research

SIRT6, a protein responsible for repairing DNA, was found to be greatly reduced in Alzheimer’s patients.

AABGU’s New CEO to Begin in October

July 7, 2017

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Press Releases

Doug Seserman, current head of the Jewish Federation in Denver, will become AABGU's new CEO.

The Startup Nation and its IT Problem

June 28, 2017

Tags: Business & Management

A BGU expert traces Israel’s shortage of tech workers to lack of computers and math teachers in schools.

Millions Could Benefit From Drought-Stricken Olive Trees

May 26, 2017

Tags: Desert & Water Research

At BGU’s experimental desert farm, agriculture is based solely on the collection of rare floodwaters.

IVF Babies Are More Likely to Get Cancer

May 8, 2017

Tags: Medical Research

A BGU study finds babies born through fertility treatments are twice as prone to pediatric neoplasms.