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Mental Health and Addiction Care in the Middle East

Mental Health and Addiction Care in the Middle East

September 14, 2016

Medical Research, Social Sciences & Humanities

A new book that reflects BGU’s important role in the field of substance abuse, Mental Health and Addiction Care in the Middle East, has been announced by Springer International Publishing.


Prof. Richard Isralowitz

The book details new intervention programs for treating substance abuse and other mental health problems in the context of larger issues in the Middle East. Co-edited by Prof. Richard Isralowitz, director of the BGU Regional Alcohol and Drug Abuse (RADAR) Center in the Charlotte B. and Jack J. Spitzer Department of Social Work, it will provide an important resource for health psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and addiction counselors.

In addition to Prof. Isralowitz, the book was co-edited by Prof. Patricia Findley of Rutgers University, who is a BGU RADAR Center Senior Fulbright Scholar.

Deftly combining clinical acumen with in-depth knowledge of sociopolitical currents, contributors to the book present data and analysis on similarities and differences within the region, addiction issues in special populations (youth, mothers, immigrants), and the efficacy of local and international initiatives.

The book’s announcement comes only a few months after the successful completion of a three-month addiction prevention course for health professionals in BGU’s Toby Mower Curriculum for the Prevention and Treatment of Addiction.