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Margate’s Beer-Sheva Benefactor

Margate’s Beer-Sheva Benefactor

May 9, 2011

Social Sciences & Humanities

Atlantic City Weekly — Dr. Leonard Galler, a general surgeon and Ventnor resident, has become a big fan of a series of discs and accompanying lecture materials he picks up regularly from the Margate City Public Library.

The materials — an exceptional series offered by The Teaching Company and marketed under the name of The Great Courses—include a full catalogue of lectures on topics such as world history, classic literature, religion, philosophy, science and mathematics.

Educational Discs Being Sent to BGU

Educational Discs Being Sent to BGU

When Dr. Galler learned that there was a duplicate set of the entire lecture series, he wondered if a university in Israel called the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) could make use of the materials.

James J. Cahill, Jr., director of the Margate Library, agreed that sharing educational materials of this caliber with Ben Gurion University of the Negev (located in the biblical city of Beersheva of Israel) would not only be a kindly gesture, it could put the Margate Library into a position to share future educational materials with an institution known for its academic excellence.

Ben-Gurion University and its library director, Haya Asner, were enthusiastic about the acquisition, as the resources would go far to benefit both the students and the community.

The Margate City Public Library was the accidental beneficiary of a large selection of duplicate Great Courses. Due to a shipping error, the duplicate set was donated to the library.

“We are pleased to have identified such an eager and deserving recipient as Ben-Gurion University,” says Cahill in a media release. “And we are especially thankful to Len and his wife Judy for their initiative and financial support, and to the Jewish Federation for facilitating the relationship with BGU.”