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Keeping Up with Your In-Box

Keeping Up with Your In-Box

October 8, 2013

Business & Management, Homeland & Cyber Security, Natural Sciences

ZDNet — Over 150 billion e-mail messages are currently being sent every day from about 3.5 billion e-mail accounts worldwide.

So, it’s easy to understand why we miss important messages as we struggle to keep up with the surge. For some people, the situation has become so bad that e-mail is no longer a reliable way to get in touch with them since they can’t quickly sort out the important messages.

Dr. Mark Last

Dr. Mark Last

A new research project, led by Prof. Mark Last of BGU’s Department of Information Systems Engineering, looks to solve part of the problem by boiling down e-mail messages to their most important elements and summarize them to be digested much more quickly, especially on mobile devices.

Prof. Last is a pioneer in text summerization and has most recently used text mining to identify terrorist sites on the Web.

This new e-mail methodology focuses on creating one-sentence e-mail summaries to be used in preview panes so that people can quickly flip through a list of messages without having to open them.

It can help e-mail users quickly sort through messages and find the ones that they need to pay attention to versus the ones they can safely ignore.

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