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IBM Expands Cyber Security Lab and BGU Collaboration

IBM Expands Cyber Security Lab and BGU Collaboration

February 1, 2018

Robotics & High-Tech

Globes – IBM’s global security division is expanding its activity through its Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) by launching a new laboratory in the Ben-Gurion Advanced Technologies Park (ATP) in Beer-Sheva, in cooperation with the company’s research division.

Ben-Gurion Advanced Technologies Park

IBM’s CCOE has been operating for four years on BGU’s Marcus Family Campus. The laboratory began as a limited pilot with a few researchers from IBM and the University. Over time, it grew to dozens of researchers, and is now expanding again.

“IBM, the parent company, saw the benefit of the current laboratory, and decided to invest in a new laboratory with several floors in ATP. The new offices can contain three times as many employees as the current laboratory,” says IBM CCOE Associate Director Dr. Yaron Wolfsthal.

“Ben-Gurion University is an important shareholder in the Ben-Gurion high-tech project [ATP], and cooperation with it is expected to continue on a larger scale in the new laboratory,” says Dr. Wolfsthal.

One of the main focuses of the new laboratory will be detecting irregular internal organizational traffic to prevent security breaches within organizations caused by innocent users.

IBM has thousands of workers in Israel, and its research laboratory in Israel has several hundred employees, making it IBM’s largest laboratory outside the United States.

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