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Glazer Business School is Upgraded to a Faculty

Glazer Business School is Upgraded to a Faculty

May 4, 2010

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BEER-SHEVA, ISRAEL, June 2, 2010 – At a recent meeting of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Executive Committee, a decision was made to change the name of the Guilford Glazer School of Business and Management to the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management.

Established as a School in 1995, the naming of the Guilford Glazer School was made possible in 2007 through the generosity of Guilford and Diane Glazer of Los Angeles, California in recognition of the strength and potential of the 11-year-old Business School.

Since its establishment, the Faculty has been in a process of constant growth, while diligently striving for the highest standards of academic quality. Thousands of graduates have been integrated in all management levels within the various sectors of the economy and society in Israel and around the world.

The Guilford Glazer Faculty is committed to educating its students in the various management fields, both in research and in the training of the next generation of managers. It offers a wide range of programs for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

The Department of Business Administration, the Department of Public Policy and Administration and the Department of Health Systems Management offer master’s degrees. The Department of Management offers B.A.s in management, information system management and a double major in management with another discipline. The Department of Hotel and Tourism offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The varied academic programs provide students with the best possible preparation for dealing with the challenges of the 21st century, while stressing the global and the continuously changing characteristics of the global economy.

In addition to business and management core courses in the traditional subjects, the Faculty also offers advanced courses and seminars that expose the students to a wide array of emerging fields. Critical thinking is encouraged, while issues regarding social awareness and ethics are addressed.

Strict criteria regarding the number of students that are accepted to the Faculty each year ensures personal and attentive attitude on the one hand, while offering a challenging and professional educational environment on the other. The Faculty also offers programs tailored to the needs of specific professional sectors mainly within the realm of its graduate programs for executives, honors students and the members of the nonprofit sector.

Two academic centers operate within the Faculty: The Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship and High-Tech Management, and the Israel Center for Third Sector Research.

The academic faculty includes leading researchers and experts in fields such as economics, finance and accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, decision making, entrepreneurship and strategic management, as well as leading managers from the areas of business, industry and the public sector. Each year internationally acclaimed scholars are invited to offer specialized courses and seminars.

This diversity exposes students to a broad and up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge in all the presented fields and research areas. In addition, student exchange opportunities and programs in the United States and Europe provide opportunities for students to enrich their educational experiences.

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