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Scared of Spiders? They’ll Look Bigger

February 18, 2016

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

BGU researchers discover that arachnophobia literally changes the way some people see spiders.

The Science Behind Dishonesty

February 9, 2016

Tags: Business & Management, Social Sciences & Humanities

The Washington Post covers a BGU study that shows how winning leads to cheating.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider?

February 3, 2016

Tags: Press Releases, Social Sciences & Humanities

New research from BGU suggests people with a fear of spiders perceive them to be bigger than they are.

How Winning Leads to Cheating

February 3, 2016

Tags: Business & Management, Press Releases, Social Sciences & Humanities

New research suggests that winning a competition can predict future dishonest behavior.

Ultra-Orthodox Women Outnumber Men 2-to-1 in Tech

January 18, 2016

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech, Social Sciences & Humanities

A study presented at a BGU conference highlights Haredi integration into the Israeli workforce.

A Look at Moroccan Jewry Past, Present and Future

January 8, 2016

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Social Sciences & Humanities

Dr. André Levy’s new book explores his birthplace from both a scholastic and personal perspective.

Brains Can Be Trained to Regulate Negativity

January 5, 2016

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases, Social Sciences & Humanities

A simple computer task can change the brain's wiring to balance emotional reactions.

Better Parenting Through Reflection

December 30, 2015

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

The first graduates of a BGU parenting workshop gear up to help Bedouin parents.

Self-Criticism Can Be Debilitating, Even Lethal

December 28, 2015

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

A new book by Prof. Golan Shahar explores how self-criticism can be a potentially deadly “personality virus."

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