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Hebrew Immersion Study Abroad Coming to BGU

March 3, 2011

Tags: Press Releases, Social Sciences & Humanities

New joint Brandeis University and Middlebury College program find a natural fit in BGU.

Brandeis and Middlebury Launch Joint Program at BGU

March 1, 2011

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Brandeis University and Middlebury College launch a new study abroad program to be conducted in Hebrew.

Bylines Paved the Way for Celebrity Journalists

December 23, 2010

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Dr. Zvi Reich finds that the introduction of newspapers bylines changed the way people view the news.

Do Your Looks Help or Hurt Your Job Search?

December 2, 2010

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

A new study from BGU shows good looks can hurt a woman's chances when looking for work.

Computers that Detect Depression

November 8, 2010

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech, Social Sciences & Humanities

Stressed out? Depressed? Find out about new computer technology from Israel that can see the signs.

Networking Lessons from Hollywood A-Listers

October 29, 2010

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Learn what BGU's Gilad Ravid discovered when studying social networking habits of celebrities.

Sunday Shopping Linked with Less Happiness

September 7, 2010

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

Is skipping church to go shopping taking a toll on people's happiness?

You Think What You Talk

July 14, 2010

Tags: Social Sciences & Humanities

The Economist -- A BGU researcher may have a solution for peace: Israeli Jews should speak Arabic and Israeli Arabs should speak Hebrew. A new study demostrates that the language we speak affects our behavior.

Jordanian and Israeli Paramedics Train Together

June 4, 2010

Tags: Medical Research, Social Sciences & Humanities

JTA -- Fifteen Jordanian students spent the past academic year at BGU studying with Israeli students as part of the Israel-Jordan Academic Emergency Medicine Collaboration.

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