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Helping Parents Monitor Their Kids’ Facebook Friends

July 18, 2012

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

New Facebook app developed at BGU protects children from online predators.

When a Girl Builds a Robot

July 12, 2012

Tags: Negev Development & Community Programs, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU's Prof. Hugo Guterman is looking to increase the number of female engineers by teaching robotics to middle and high school girls in Beer-Sheva.

New Facebook App to Detect “Unfriendly” Friends, Pedophiles ...

July 9, 2012

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) undergraduate students have developed a new privacy solution for Facebook. The Social Privacy Protector (SPP) can help parents adjust their children’s profiles in one click, prevent criminals from garnering valuable personal information and keep teens safe from pedophiles.

BGU and MIT Develop Cultural Intelligence Software

June 28, 2012

Tags: Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

While identifying cultural differences is a major challenge facing intelligence agencies, researchers from Israel and the United States have developed computer-based methodology to improve knowledge, apply data and better decipher these nuances and biases.

Friend or Foe on Facebook

June 27, 2012

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

The Times of Israel -- BGU researchers develop an application that helps Facebook users more effectively protect their online privacy.

BGU Installs Charging Stations for Electric Cars

June 20, 2012

Tags: Alternative Energy, Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU has installed a charging station for electric cars on the University's Marcus Family Campus.

Florida Couple Pledges $1 Million for Pico-Satellite Development ...

June 6, 2012

Tags: Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (AABGU) has received a $1 million pledge from an anonymous Boca Raton couple to support the pico-satellite program of the Homeland Security Institute at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU).

BGU’s Amazing Israeli Robots Visit NJ

June 1, 2012

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU's robots slither like snakes, "schlep" like llamas and climb like Spiderman.

BGU Students’ Innovation Makes Shelters More Accessible

May 25, 2012

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

Two BGU students have developed a system that automatically unlocks public bomb shelters when there’s an attack.

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