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Israeli Robots Wow Supporters

March 3, 2011

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

Dr. Amir Shapiro demonstrated robots that can climb walls and navigate through tunnels inaccessible to people.

Partnering with Singapore to Establish New Energy Efficiency ...

December 20, 2010

Tags: Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU is part of an initiative to create two new research centers in Singapore to develop nanomaterials for more energy-efficient applications and water management technologies.

See the Israeli Spiderman Robot in Action (Video)

November 15, 2010

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech -- Visitors to the bi-annual Robotics Conference in Israel had a chance to meet Dr. Amir Shapiro's amazing robots developed at BGU's Robotics Lab.

Project Jacob to Spur Commercial Research in Israel

November 15, 2010

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles -- An Iranian Jewish group in L.A. is creating a program to nurture and develop innovative medical, high-tech and alternative energy research at BGU.

Israel’s Nanotech Researchers Think Big

November 10, 2010

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

Yahoo News -- Discoveries presented at the Nano Israel conference include cancer treatment applications.

Computers that Detect Depression

November 8, 2010

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech, Social Sciences & Humanities

Stressed out? Depressed? Find out about new computer technology from Israel that can see the signs.

The Amazing, Spitting Archer Fish Hunts with Mammal-Like Vision

September 16, 2010

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Robotics & High-Tech

Discover Magazine -- A new study at BGU shows that some fish process visual information like humans.

Pleased to meet you, too, C-3PO

May 18, 2010

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

Jerusalem Post -- Ben-Gurion University of the Negev will this week announce the world���s first international tournament to build a robot that can shake a human hand.

Engineering Students Develop Device to Help the Blind Maneuver

May 14, 2010

Tags: Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev students have developed an innovative optical radar system that helps blind people maneuver around obstacles.

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