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Shoes that (Re)Teach the Brain How to Walk

June 1, 2015

Tags: Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

Dr. Simona Bar-Haim's invention helps people with brain disorders and injuries learn to walk (again).

BGU Research Can Predict Gender of Smartphone Users

May 20, 2015

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

An algorithm developed by BGU utilizes the phone’s motor sensors to determine the gender of the user.

BGU Receives Grant for Robotics to Assist Elderly

May 7, 2015

Tags: Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU will use the funding to develop robots that will help elderly complete every day tasks.

BGU’s App Knows All, Tells All on Driver Behavior

April 30, 2015

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

A smartphone app that records driving transgressions spells good news for good motorists from BGU.

Women at Home in the Lab at BGU

April 23, 2015

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

President Prof. Rivka Carmi's mission to promote higher-level academic opportunities for women is succeeding.

Robotics Makes Needle Injection a Push-Button Affair

April 13, 2015

Tags: Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU researchers find a way to automate the insertion of needles in child and adult patients.

With BGU as a Catalyst, Beer-Sheva Comes of Age

February 26, 2015

Tags: Business & Management, Homeland & Cyber Security, Negev Development & Community Programs, Robotics & High-Tech

The capital of the Negev is becoming Israel’s capital of opportunity.

BGU Develops a Pepper Harvesting Robot

February 18, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU and European partners have developed a robot that identifies and harvests ripe peppers.

BGU Students Awarded Engineering Prize

January 5, 2015

Tags: Business & Management, Natural Sciences, Robotics & High-Tech

Two BGU students won an award for creating a sensor-based "brain" for air conditioning systems.

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