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A New Era in High-Tech Photography Dawns

September 12, 2017

Tags: Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU’s improved hyperspectral technology enables cameras to generate better images faster and cheaper.

Autonomous Vehicles for Sea, Air and Land

September 11, 2017

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Robotics & High-Tech

Based on BGU research, unmanned submarines and drones that surpass existing models are unveiled by the IDF.

Racing to the Future

August 29, 2017

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

Now in its 7th year, BGU engineering students are building their own race car and competing internationally.

Negev Teens Make a Splash at D.C. Robotics Competition

August 10, 2017

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

The team from BGU’s Jusidman Center placed in the top five out of 162 teams from around the world.

BGU Researcher Develops New 3-D Scanning Technique

July 25, 2017

Tags: Press Releases, Robotics & High-Tech

Scans are made using a robotic arm and water, improving the quality of 3-D object production.

This Versatile Robot Does the Wave

June 16, 2017

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

Able to crawl, climb and swim, SAW could transform search and rescue, medical procedures and drug delivery.

Startups Based on BGU Research Are Advancing Healthcare

June 14, 2017

Tags: Medical Research

Faculty and alumni are among the country’s leading scientists, offering promising improvements to the field.

Bringing Thought Control to Any PC

June 2, 2017

Tags: Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

New system developed at BGU could make it easier for paralyzed people to communicate using a keyboard.

A Robotic Oasis in the Negev

May 10, 2017

Tags: Robotics & High-Tech

At Ben-Gurion University, work is well underway on the next generation of medical robotics.

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