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BGU Researcher Is On the Verge of a Psoriasis Cure

September 3, 2013

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

Prof. Amir Aharoni identified the immune system protein that may be the key to controlling this disease.

Artificial Reef in Red Sea Teems with Life

August 19, 2013

Tags: Natural Sciences, Press Releases

Divers are willing to pay to conserve an artificial coral community, designed and placed under the sea by BGU.

Prof. Ashraf Brik’s Award-Winning Chemistry

July 31, 2013

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

Israel's first Arab professor of chemistry, Prof. Ashraf Brik, has received many awards for his work.

Detecting Emergencies Through Cell Phone Usage

July 29, 2013

Tags: Homeland & Cyber Security, Natural Sciences, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU researchers balance privacy with need to increase officials' response time in emergencies.

Faculty Profile: Dr. Raz Zarivach

July 3, 2013

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

Dr. Raz Zarivach's lab focuses on the structure of proteins and building antibiotics to cure diseases.

Engineering Serendipity

April 8, 2013

Tags: Business & Management, Natural Sciences

BGU researchers analyze social networks to help companies foster more innovative and collaborative ideas.

BGU and Teva Develop New Psoriasis Drug

March 20, 2013

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences, Press Releases

BGU researchers, together with Teva Pharmaceutical, have developed a promising psoriasis drug candidate.

Comet Could Trigger an Electromagnetic Armaggedon

December 3, 2012

Tags: Natural Sciences, Robotics & High-Tech

Forbes -- BGU Prof. David Eichler's research sheds light on the damage a sun-grazing comet could do to the world's electronics.

Foreseeing Dead Sea Sinkholes from the Sky

August 9, 2012

Tags: Natural Sciences

Dangerous sinkholes are a threat to popular Dead Sea tourist sites. BGU researchers are now using sattelites to predict where and when they will form.

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