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Israeli High Schoolers Take Top Int’l Physics Prize

May 9, 2014

Tags: Natural Sciences

Students from the Ilan Ramon Center for Physics win at "First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics" event.

What Is Life?

March 24, 2014

Tags: Natural Sciences

Prof. Addy Pross discusses how chemistry research is attempting to answer this eternal question.

Using Prawns to Prevent Snail Fever, Swollen Bellies

March 10, 2014

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

Amit Savaia is developing a way to eradicate schistosomiasis, a devastating disease caused by parasites.

BGU to Establish Ocean Studies Center in Eilat

January 23, 2014

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Natural Sciences

BGU partners with a Canadian university to create an international center for marine sciences in Eilat.

BGU Receives Grant to Study Fertile Land Erosion

November 26, 2013

Tags: Natural Sciences, Press Releases

BGU received the grant from the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture to establish a Center of Excellence.

A Revolutionary Alternative Fuel Process from BGU

November 14, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Natural Sciences

Prof. Moti Herskowitz and his team have discovered a way to produce "green" liquid fuel.

Keeping Up with Your In-Box

October 8, 2013

Tags: Business & Management, Homeland & Cyber Security, Natural Sciences

Prof. Mark Last is developing a solution to help e-mail users sort through messages quickly.

BGU Researcher Is On the Verge of a Psoriasis Cure

September 3, 2013

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

Prof. Amir Aharoni identified the immune system protein that may be the key to controlling this disease.

Artificial Reef in Red Sea Teems with Life

August 19, 2013

Tags: Natural Sciences, Press Releases

Divers are willing to pay to conserve an artificial coral community, designed and placed under the sea by BGU.

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