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The Dead Sea and Climate Change Over 220,000 Years

April 4, 2017

Tags: Natural Sciences

A BGU Ph.D. student’s study reveals how the sea’s chemical composition has changed with the climate.

Reflecting on Study Abroad at BGU

February 15, 2017

Tags: Israel Studies, Culture & Jewish Thought, Natural Sciences

A University of Washington student talks about her experience at BGU and interning in a biology lab.

Eating Away the World’s Plastic Waste Problem

January 23, 2017

Tags: Natural Sciences

BGU student researchers have created a genetically modified bacteria that breaks down plastic.

Parakeets Are Taking Over Israel’s Palm Trees

December 29, 2016

Tags: Natural Sciences

Some of Israel’s native birds are being kicked out of their homes, says a BGU bird expert.

PlastiCure Tackles Global Plastic Problem

November 2, 2016

Tags: Natural Sciences

A student team has developed a solution for breaking down plastic waste using bacteria.

Why Black Widow Males Prefer Younger Women

October 7, 2016

Tags: Natural Sciences

The reason for this spider’s choice is not one you’d find in the tabloids.

World’s Oldest Oceanic Crust Discovered

August 18, 2016

Tags: Natural Sciences

A BGU researcher identified the 340 million year-old oceanic crust in the Mediterranean Sea.

How Prawns Can Combat Disease

July 19, 2016

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

A BGU research team is using prawns to feed on parasite-carrying snails in Africa.

How to Grow Plants in Salt

June 29, 2016

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Natural Sciences

BGU research is making plants more resilient to harsh conditions to help feed a hungry world.

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