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Engineering Serendipity

April 8, 2013

Tags: Business & Management, Natural Sciences

BGU researchers analyze social networks to help companies foster more innovative and collaborative ideas.

BGU and Teva Develop New Psoriasis Drug

March 20, 2013

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences, Press Releases

BGU researchers, together with Teva Pharmaceutical, have developed a promising psoriasis drug candidate.

Comet Could Trigger an Electromagnetic Armaggedon

December 3, 2012

Tags: Natural Sciences, Robotics & High-Tech

Forbes -- BGU Prof. David Eichler's research sheds light on the damage a sun-grazing comet could do to the world's electronics.

Foreseeing Dead Sea Sinkholes from the Sky

August 9, 2012

Tags: Natural Sciences

Dangerous sinkholes are a threat to popular Dead Sea tourist sites. BGU researchers are now using sattelites to predict where and when they will form.

BGU Receives Grant to Conduct Oil and Natural Gas Research

August 8, 2012

Tags: Natural Sciences, Press Releases

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have received a grant from the Wolfson Family Charitable Trust and Wolfson Foundation for projects related to oil and gas generation and its environmental impact.

How Octopuses Make Themselves Invisible

June 4, 2012

Tags: Natural Sciences

Scientific American -- BGU researchers reveal how the octopus produces camouflage to protect itself against a wide range of potential predators.

Students from BGU’s Ilan Ramon Youth Physics Center to ...

December 29, 2011

Tags: Natural Sciences, Negev Development & Community Programs

They will be among the world's first delegations of children to visit the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator -- a dream come true for many adult physicists.

Prof. Ashraf Brik Wins Outstanding Young Chemist Award

December 8, 2011

Tags: Natural Sciences

Prof. Ashrak Brik, from BGU’s Chemistry Department, is recognized by the Israel Chemical Society for excellence.

Faculty Profile: Avraham Parola

December 1, 2011

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

A biophysical chemist, Prof. Avraham Parola's work is focused on cancer research.

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