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First Israeli Academic Research Nanosatellite Launched

February 15, 2017

Tags: Nanotechnology, Robotics & High-Tech

BGUSAT is about the size of a milk carton and weighs only 11 lbs.

Celebrating American Dedication to BGU

June 28, 2016

Tags: Business & Management, Leadership, Awards & Events, Social Sciences & Humanities

The generosity of the AABGU community was on prominent display at BGU's 46th Board of Governors.

A New Gauze That Stops Bleeding in Minutes

May 10, 2016

Tags: Medical Research, Nanotechnology

Based on BGU research, the ultra-absorbent WoundClot gauze could save lives in battle and in the home.

New Biomaterial Impedes Bacteria on Metal Surfaces

April 25, 2016

Tags: Nanotechnology, Press Releases

The anti-adhesive coating could be used on medical implants, surgical equipment and even on ships and bridges.

BGU Researchers Create World’s Smallest Diode

April 11, 2016

Tags: Nanotechnology

A DNA molecule replaces silicon as the primary building block for nanoscale electronic circuits.

BGU Researchers Create Unprecedented Nanostructures

November 30, 2015

Tags: Alternative Energy, Nanotechnology

Using a solar furnace invented at BGU, the researchers make pretty big nano-history.

BGU Makes Significant Advance in Graphene Generation

July 23, 2015

Tags: Alternative Energy, Nanotechnology, Press Releases

The new process will enhance energy storage and is faster, safer and green — devoid of any toxic substances.

V-Smart Tech Could Be Answer to Brain Tumor Treatment

July 2, 2015

Tags: Medical Research, Nanotechnology, Press Releases

Technology to treat brain tumors is being developed at the Lauren Sciences lab on the BGU campus.

BGU Researchers Bloom with Innovation in Baltimore

March 3, 2015

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Nanotechnology, Social Sciences & Humanities

AABGU’s recent Mid-Winter Meeting brought BGU researchers' expertise to Baltimore.

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