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New Nano-Polymer Could Prevent Heart Failure

May 22, 2017

Tags: Medical Research, Nanotechnology, Press Releases

The BGU-developed polymer targets the E-selectin molecule to reverse cardiovascular inflammation and plaque.

The Water Research Tide Continues to Rise

March 7, 2017

Tags: Desert & Water Research

BGU’s partnership with UChicago is expanding its research collaboration after several successful years.

First Israeli Academic Research Nanosatellite Launched

February 15, 2017

Tags: Nanotechnology, Robotics & High-Tech

BGUSAT is about the size of a milk carton and weighs only 11 lbs.

Celebrating American Dedication to BGU

June 28, 2016

Tags: Business & Management, Leadership, Awards & Events, Social Sciences & Humanities

The generosity of the AABGU community was on prominent display at BGU's 46th Board of Governors.

A New Gauze That Stops Bleeding in Minutes

May 10, 2016

Tags: Medical Research, Nanotechnology

Based on BGU research, the ultra-absorbent WoundClot gauze could save lives in battle and in the home.

New Biomaterial Impedes Bacteria on Metal Surfaces

April 25, 2016

Tags: Nanotechnology, Press Releases

The anti-adhesive coating could be used on medical implants, surgical equipment and even on ships and bridges.

BGU Researchers Create World’s Smallest Diode

April 11, 2016

Tags: Nanotechnology

A DNA molecule replaces silicon as the primary building block for nanoscale electronic circuits.

BGU Researchers Create Unprecedented Nanostructures

November 30, 2015

Tags: Alternative Energy, Nanotechnology

Using a solar furnace invented at BGU, the researchers make pretty big nano-history.

BGU Makes Significant Advance in Graphene Generation

July 23, 2015

Tags: Alternative Energy, Nanotechnology, Press Releases

The new process will enhance energy storage and is faster, safer and green — devoid of any toxic substances.

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