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BGU Researchers Find Elderly Drivers Notice Pedestrians Half as ...

March 4, 2011

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

Elderly drivers are half as likely to see pedestrians on the sidewalk due to a limited field of view, and compensate in part by driving more slowly, according to a study by BGU researchers.

BGU Students Learn the Language of Medicine

February 17, 2011

Tags: Medical Research

The Jerusalem Post Magazine - BGU's international medical students prepare for their fourth-year internships by participating in cross-cultural workshops.

Second Opinions May Be Influenced by the First Doctor’s ...

January 28, 2011

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

A new study by BGU researchers indicates that physicians who give second opinions may be influenced by the first opinion and other external factors.

Commercial Development Agreement for BGU’s Green Algae ...

January 26, 2011

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences, Press Releases

BGU and Thailand's PPT Chemical to collabortate on pharmaceutical treatments for chronic inflammation, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart attack risks.

Medical School in Israel: Just What the Doctor Ordered

January 13, 2011

Tags: Medical Research

The Jewish Week -- BGU's Medical School for International Health, in collaboration with Columbia University���s Medical Center, enrolls exceptional students committed to global medicine and community health.

Israeli Pilots Earn Their Wings and a Degree from BGU

January 3, 2011

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

The 161st Flight School graduation ceremony took place last week in which the new Israeli Air Force pilots earned their 'wings' and a bachelor's degree from BGU.

Watchful Waiting Instead of Immediate Antibiotics Recommended for ...

December 17, 2010

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

As middle ear infections increase during the winter months, BGU researchers suggest that in many cases the most appropriate treatment is “watchful waiting” instead of using antibiotics immediately.

LA Philanthropist Dariush Fakheri Establishes Project Jacob to ...

November 23, 2010

Tags: Business & Management, Medical Research, Negev Development & Community Programs, Press Releases

Innovative foundation will provide up to $1.2 million to help fund and commercialize BGU research.

Supplying the Missing Building Block in Brain Atrophy

November 16, 2010

Tags: Medical Research

Israel 21C -- BGU's Prof. Ohad Birk has identified a genetic mutation that leads to severe mental retardation and epilepsy.

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