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“Super Enzyme” Improves Glucose Level Testing

September 28, 2017

Tags: Medical Research, Natural Sciences

BGU researchers engineer a new method that measures blood-sugar levels faster and more accurately.

ICU Costs Rise as Opioid Overdoses Soar

September 27, 2017

Tags: Medical Research

A study reveals that treatment costs for opioid overdoses rose 58 percent in the U.S. over the last six years.

Medical Professionals Improperly Share Patient Info

September 26, 2017

Tags: Press Releases, Social Sciences & Humanities

While helping patients, staff often shares passwords to electronic records, raising privacy concerns.

Myth Debunked That OCD Is Associated With High IQ

September 19, 2017

Tags: Press Releases, Social Sciences & Humanities

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder are not smarter than the norm, according to new study.

MSIH Announces Ben-Gurion Global Health Scholarship

September 14, 2017

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events, Press Releases

The selected student will receive full tuition for four years in BGU's international M.D. program.

Opioid Epidemic Reaches New Level of Overdose Crisis

August 28, 2017

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

A new study reveals that deaths from overdoses in the U.S. have nearly doubled over the past seven years.

BGU Hospital Affiliate Opens for Business

August 17, 2017

Tags: Medical Research, Negev Development & Community Programs

Ashdod’s new Assuta Medical Centers will allow BGU medical students to gain hands-on field experience.

Early-Term Babies Are at Greater Risk for Diabetes

August 7, 2017

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

BGU research shows that babies born at 37 to 39 weeks have higher rates of diabetes and obesity later in life.

Cause for Male Infertility Discovered

August 4, 2017

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

Researchers from BGU and Soroka have identified a mutation in the gene TDRD9 that arrests sperm production.

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