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BGU Study Reveals New Way to Diagnose Neurological Conditions

March 5, 2021

Tags: Medical Research

Analysis of EEG patterns can rapidly diagnose and monitor Alzheimer's disease, stroke, head injuries and more.

BGU develops easy, cheap test to identify COVID variants

March 4, 2021

Tags: Research News

The rapid and cost-effective test is able to identify UK and South African variants of the novel coronavirus.

Mass Vaccinations Led to Drop in Severe Covid Cases: BGU Study

March 2, 2021

Tags: Research News

The Israeli data offers an early glimpse into how effective the vaccine is in a real-world setting.

BGU Researchers Develop Fast Way to Manage Schizophrenia

February 17, 2021

Tags: Medical Research

BGU researchers have developed an innovative, faster way to measure the effectiveness of Clozapine.

Researchers Say Cannabis Lowers Blood Pressure in Older Adults

February 10, 2021

Tags: Research News

Medical cannabis might reduce blood pressure in older adults, according to a new study by BGU researchers.

BGU Scientist Discovers Camels and Sharks May Help Kill Cancer ...

February 8, 2021

Tags: Research News

Special antibodies produced by camels and sharks may prove to be a powerful cancer-fighting weapon.

BGU Researchers Develop Breakthrough COVID Testing Technology

February 4, 2021

Tags: Medical Research, Research News

“We’ve already successfully tested 40,000 samples in Israel during the first two weeks of clinical operation."

Green Mediterranean Diet Reduces Liver Fat

January 27, 2021

Tags: Medical Research

BGU research shows more greens, green tea, and the superfood, mankai, doubles the reduction of liver fat.

Reopening Florida Schools Increased COVID-19 Infections

January 15, 2021

Tags: Medical Research, Press Releases

BGU researcher found that infections had risen by 30% among students between the ages of 14 and 17.

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