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Investing in Social Leadership

May 23, 2013

Tags: Business & Management, Negev Development & Community Programs

BGU's Mandel Social Leadership MBA program gives students the tools they need to be nonprofit leaders.

BGU Study Finds Employees Most Honest on Mondays

May 22, 2013

Tags: Business & Management, Press Releases

A study by Prof. Bradley Ruffle finds employees may provide the most honest responses earlier in the week.

BGU Students Meet Bill Clinton in St. Louis

April 12, 2013

Tags: Business & Management, Desert & Water Research, Medical Research

BGU students represent Israel at the Sixth Annual Clinton Global Initiative University.

Engineering Serendipity

April 8, 2013

Tags: Business & Management, Natural Sciences

BGU researchers analyze social networks to help companies foster more innovative and collaborative ideas.

BGU Students Develop “Business for Peace”

March 22, 2013

Tags: Business & Management, Robotics & High-Tech

The top prize winner is an online system that helps outsource high-tech projects to Palestinian engineers.

To Shop or Not to Shop on Shabbat in Israel

June 12, 2012

Tags: Business & Management

Dr. Guy Ben-Porat weighs in on the growing secularization of Israeli society.

Conference Encourages Cross-Border Business Ties

May 29, 2012

Tags: Business & Management

Israelis and Palestinians came together to enhance business relations and foster peace.

Attention Shabbat Shoppers!

April 18, 2012

Tags: Business & Management, Press Releases

Israeli consumers, not the Knesset are likely to determine the future of shopping on the Sabbath, according to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers in a new study published in the Politics and Religion journal.

Too Attractive for the Job?

April 9, 2012

Tags: Business & Management

BGU researchers found, contrary to their predictions, that a pretty face can actually hinder a woman’s chance at getting a job interview.

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