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Solar Research Blooms in the Negev

March 23, 2012

Tags: Alternative Energy, Robotics & High-Tech

The Ben-Gurion National Solar Energy Center at BGU is bringing innovation to the world of solar power.

Work to Begin on Sustainable Eco-Farm in Negev Bedouin Community

December 12, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy, Negev Development & Community Programs

Project Wadi Attir aims to create an ecological community that incorporates Bedouin tradition.

Revolutionizing Solar Energy in Israel

October 7, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy

Prof. David Faiman is spearheading efforts to push the country into a new age of energy independence.

BGU Is Part of Israeli Renewable Energy Center

July 6, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy, Press Releases

Nine senior researchers are chosen for new national research center to advance renewable liquid fuels.

The Colorado-Israel Connection

June 15, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy, Business & Management

In a Jacob Dayan reflects upon the cooperation between Israel, particularly with BGU, and Colorado.

Reinventing the Olive: Oil, Drugs and Biodiesel

April 25, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy

Researchers are working on using the waste of olive oil production to make biodiesel and ethanol.

Olives: For Food, Biodiesel, Ethanol and Medicine

April 7, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU researchers investigate using waste products from the production of olives as biofuel.

Can a Country Get 90% of Its Power From Renewables?

April 4, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU's David Faiman says it's possible for Israel with the right kind of solar energy storage.

Rethinking Nuclear Power

March 25, 2011

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU's National Solar Energy Center is helping Israel say no to nuclear power.

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