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A New Road to Energy Efficiency

June 24, 2014

Tags: Alternative Energy

Researchers are making auto engines more efficient, using heat expelled by exhaust systems as fuel.

BGU Is Driving the Future with a Foldable Car

December 17, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Business & Management, Robotics & High-Tech

BGU alumni are creating the City Transformer, the urban vehicle of the future.

BGU Researchers Develop a New “Green” Crude Oil

November 20, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Press Releases

BGU researchers have developed a process to convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into renewable energy.

A Revolutionary Alternative Fuel Process from BGU

November 14, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Natural Sciences

Prof. Moti Herskowitz and his team have discovered a way to produce "green" liquid fuel.

A Revolutionary Alternative Fuel

November 14, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy

BGU researchers are producing jet fuel from two of the most common substances on earth.

Advancing Organic Solar Energy

June 5, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy

A low-cost, carpet-like organic material that will revolutionize the solar field is under development.

Breaking the Solar Logjam

May 13, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy

Prof. David Faiman comments on the state of the solar energy industry.

Reversing Israel’s Brain Drain

April 23, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Medical Research

BGU alumnus Dr. Dan Gincel focuses on encouraging Israeli scientists living abroad to return home.

The Top 65 Ways Israel is Saving Our Planet

April 15, 2013

Tags: Alternative Energy, Desert & Water Research, Medical Research

BGU's innovations on this list include desert agriculture, solar energy, water purification and AIDS research.

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