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Catching Some Rays: A Solar Boost for BGU

Catching Some Rays: A Solar Boost for BGU

August 24, 2015

Alternative Energy

The Jerusalem Post — Solar charging stations for mobile devices have been installed on BGU’s Marcus Family Campus as part of the University’s Green Campus initiative.

When students arrive in Beer-Sheva for the upcoming fall semester, they’ll be pleased to find a number of cellphone charging stations where they will be able to boost their mobile devices by means of solar energy.

New solar charging station on BGU's Marcus Family Campus

New solar charging station on BGU’s Marcus Family Campus

Each stand can charge up to 12 phones, allowing those in need of battery power to plug in their USB cables and sit on a shaded bench while they wait.

BGU’s Green Campus initiative also includes the placement of 39 new recycling facilities for bottles and cans, and two electronic waste bins.