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BGU’s Study of Drivers Over 65 in LA Times

BGU’s Study of Drivers Over 65 in LA Times

March 3, 2011

Natural Sciences

Many drivers over the age of 65 would prefer to call themselves “experienced” rather than “elderly.” Nevertheless, a new study from BGU’s Laboratory for Human Factors in Road Safety finds that this group is half as likely to see pedestrians on the sidewalk due to a limited field of view, and tend to compensate by driving more slowly.

senior woman in car pulling out of garageThe proof is in the highly advanced driving simulator located on BGU’s campus in Beer-Sheva, Israel.

This driving safety study was published in Accident Analysis and Prevention, and the results have been covered by many media outlets including  The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Israel21C and The Jerusalem Post. Read the full story and be sure to watch for pedestrians when you’re driving.

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