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BGU Study Finds 14 Different Kinds of Noses

BGU Study Finds 14 Different Kinds of Noses

August 3, 2011

Medical Research, Natural Sciences

MSNBC’s “Body Odd” blog features a story about BGU Prof. Abraham Tamir’s study of human nose shapes.

To group and quantify noses, Tamir looked at nearly 1,800 photos. Four hundred images came from artwork, while he took almost 1,400 snapshots of real people in Israel as well as in three European countries; Holland, Belgium, and France. Around 1,200 of the pictures were of men and about 700 were women.

The results, reported in the May 2011 issue of the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, found 14 different nose shapes.

Tamir is a professor of chemical engineering who also happens to teach a course on the interaction between art and science.

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