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BGU Students Meet Bill Clinton in St. Louis

BGU Students Meet Bill Clinton in St. Louis

April 12, 2013

Business & Management, Desert & Water Research, Medical Research

St. Louis Jewish Light — Three BGU students were among the 1,000 young scholars who spent last weekend at the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) on the Washington University campus in St. Louis, Missouri.

bill-clinton-at-clinton-global-initiative-300As the only participants from an Israeli university, BGU students Guy Katz, Ellie Nowak and Ben Reuveni joined students from 300 universities and 75 countries for the three-day conference to hear speakers, exchange ideas, network and explain how they hope to improve the world a bit at a time.

Guy Katz, a fourth-year student at BGU’s Joyce and Irving Goldman Medical School and Ellie Nowak, a third-year student at BGU’s Medical School for International Health, collaborated on a project called Air2O, which is a low cost off-grid technology that extracts water from the air.

The idea would be to use this mechanism to turn moisture in the air to potable water, a common need in Israel and the Middle East.

Nowak and Katz propose using the change in temperatures, from naturally heated outside air to air cooled by wind power, to turn humidity into water, even from relatively dry desert air.

Ben Reuveni, a BGU MBA student graduating in May, presented a bike sharing program for the city of Beer-Sheva.

The eventual goal would be to turn the southern Israeli city, home to BGU’s Marcus Familly Campus, into a zone mostly free of internal combustible engines.

He wants to have uniquely colored bicycles throughout the city and a system of barriers or gates to keep them from being stolen.

“I hope to have a pilot project on campus for 20 bicycles by the end of the year,” says Reuveni.

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