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BGU Scientists Discover Personality Analysis Tool

BGU Scientists Discover Personality Analysis Tool

September 23, 2014

Social Sciences & Humanities

No Camels — BGU researchers, Prof. Yair Neuman and Prof. Golan Shahar, of BGU’s Department of Psychology, and their research team have developed a computer-based personality profiling methodology.

This tool, using a computerized algorithm, can be used to analyze speeches given by public figures to determine noticeable personality traits.

President Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin (Photo: No Camels)

“What the algorithm does is check how similar an individual is to certain dimensions of personality. It isn’t able to examine the topics, instead looking at the unconscious dimensions of the speech outside the context,” Says Prof. Neuman.

Using this tool, the BGU research team analyzed President Obama’s State of the Union address finding him to express tones of suspicion and mistrust.

The team also used the tool to look at two addresses from Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Neuman’s team found his presentation to reflect character traits of mistrust and being a “loner.”

BGU’s research team says the tool is not likely to have a direct effect on policy, but can be used to determine undertones of speech and personality patterns.

“From there, it may be easier to assess potential actions to be taken, but nothing is for sure,” says Prof. Neuman.

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