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BGU Researchers Communicate with Inca-Style Knots

BGU Researchers Communicate with Inca-Style Knots

July 15, 2015

Natural Sciences

The Jerusalem Post — Dr. Daniel Moskovich and Dr. Avishy Carmi, of BGU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and Center for Quantum Information Science and Technology, have invented a new graphical language for information and computation based on quipus – or “talking knots” – an ancient Incan form of communication.

Proceedings Journal CoverThe research was recently published as the cover story of Proceedings A, the Royal Society’s physical sciences research journal.

After studying the Incas’ ancient communication method, the researchers wondered what ideas could be expressed using knots and tangled, colored pieces of string and they determined that colored, decorated tangles can express the fusion of information and the flow of computational processes in a compact and intrinsic way.

The Incas, the largest empire to ever rise in the Americas and the biggest in the world at the time, were considered a highly sophisticated civilization.

Dr. Moskovich and Dr. Carmi suggest that their work with Inca-style knots may pave the way for a new research field focused on the topology of information, dealing with the qualitative aspects of the theory of information.

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