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BGU Ph.D. Student Is Awarded IBM Fellowship

BGU Ph.D. Student Is Awarded IBM Fellowship

July 1, 2015

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Mordechai Guri of BGU’s Department of Information Systems Engineering has been awarded an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for 2015-2016. The competitive fellowship is awarded to exceptional Ph.D. students who are working on developing innovative solutions for the future of technology.

מרדכי גורי

Mordechai Guri

Guri is completing his Ph.D. studies under the supervision of Prof. Yuval Elovici, director of the BGU Cyber Security Research Center. Guri’s research focuses on state-of-the-art challenges in the field of cyber attack and cyber defense.

As a part of his research, he examines current paradigms and develops new methods for improved mitigation of security problems in the modern cyber environment. 

Previously, Guri discovered a security glitch in a Samsung smart phone. Guri says that the vulnerability would allow a hacker to “easily intercept” secure data of a user of a Knox-enabled Galaxy smartphone.

IBM has recently opened a Center of Excellence to conduct joint research with BGU on campus. 

As part of his fellowship, Guri was invited to speak at the new Center. The fellowship also allows him to participate in the Center’s internship program and to collaborate with the company’s cyber security experts. 

“I have been following Mordechai’s research for years,” says Dr. Eitan Menachem, a BGU graduate and researcher at IBM’s Center of Excellence at the University.

“His breakthrough research provides solutions for difficult problems in the world of information security and we are happy to have the opportunity to collaborate with him.”