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BGU Hosts World’s Largest Cyber Security Games

BGU Hosts World’s Largest Cyber Security Games

November 10, 2017

Homeland & Cyber Security

Info Security Group — The 14th annual NYU Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) games have commenced, drawing the top cyber security students from around the globe.

BGU is one of the sites for the event’s signature competition – the Capture the Flag (CTF) hackathon. It runs for 36 straight hours, as student teams hack through the night in a difficult test of both offensive and defensive security skills.

This cornerstone challenge attracts upwards of 10,000 remote players each year and pits teams against one another to solve various cyber problems. Winners can walk away with cash prizes, scholarships and more.

Hackers have been known to influence politics, hold personal devices ransom, steal the personal data of entire populations, and threaten institutions –costing businesses $400 billion per year, making the demand for information security experts a high priority.

One of CSAW’s goals it to encourage interest in field of cyber security among those soon to enter the workforce.

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