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BGU Grants Rights to Spouses/Legal Partners of Military Reservists

BGU Grants Rights to Spouses/Legal Partners of Military Reservists

January 10, 2012

Negev Development & Community Programs

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev will now grant rights and benefits to students who are the legal partners of those serving military reserve duty. This is the first time an Israeli university has offered these benefits.

“When a student is taking part in reserve duty he loses some of the semester, but the spouse is also burdened by caring for children and other tasks. They have to cope not only with their studies, but also with an increased load and family responsibilities,” says Prof. Yaniv Poria who initiated the proposal.

So the University decided to help them out and grant to the legal partners rights and assistance similar to those reservists receive, bridging the academic gap created during military service.

In a study published last week by the National Union of Israeli Students, it was revealed that BGU students are among those serving the
highest number of days of reserve duty, an average of 19.2 days per

Uri Keidar, head of BGU’s Student Association said, “We are not at all
surprised by the data. BGU students are involved in the community in
many ways and naturally a huge amount of those students take on the
burden of reserve duty imposed on a small portion of Israeli society.

“Our students have proved, and not for the first time, that the younger
generation in Israel is committed to Israeli society and to making a
contribution to the State.”

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