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BASIC Is Anything But

BASIC Is Anything But

April 15, 2016

Natural Sciences

The inaugural six-day conference of the Bahamas Advanced Study Institute and College (BASIC) was held recently at the Stella Maris Resort in the Bahamas, concluding a week of learning by some of the most eminent physicists from around the world.

“The goal of BASIC is to create a stimulating center where scientists and their students can gather, think in depth and exchange ideas about important scientific problems,” says Prof. Eduardo Guendelman of BGU’s Department of Physics. He co-founded BASIC with Prof. Thomas Curtright of the University of Miami.

Bahamas 1

From left to right: Prof. Thomas Curtright, University of Miami, USA; Prof. Horst Stoeker, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany; Dr. Cedric Deffayet, Institute of Astrophysics, Paris, France; Prof. Eduardo Guendelman, BGU; Dr. Astri Kleppe, SACT, Oslo, Norway; Prof. Sergei Kopeikin, University of Missouri, USA; Prof. David Owen, BGU

Eventually, BASIC will be permanently established in the area in the form of a center for theoretical research and training of advanced and postdoctoral scientists.

“For students, BASIC will provide an enhanced learning experience where they would complete their studies and begin to engage in active research programs,” says Prof. Guendelman.

Participants from Russia, Norway, France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Israel took part in the conference to hear in-depth talks on such subjects as particle theory, astrophysics, gravity, and cosmology.