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AABGU Honors Israel’s Most Prolific Fundraiser

April 22, 2021

Tags: Leadership, Awards & Events

Philip Gomperts, a major fundraiser for AABGU, believes that the future of Israel lies in the desert.

BGU in Jewish Herald-Voice’s “Israel at 73”

April 12, 2021

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Research News

In their special edition, Israel @ 73,  Jewish Herald-Voice features a piece about BGU's new climate school.

BGU Takes a Big Leap Forward to Combat Climate Change

March 9, 2021

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Press Releases

BGU announced the formation of Israel's first School of Sustainability and Climate Change.

Desertification Conference Focused on Climate Change

November 20, 2020

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Press Releases

The BGU event addressed one of the most pressing worldwide issues: Challenges in a Changing Environment.

BGU Establishes Agricultural Research Institute in India

November 11, 2020

Tags: Desert & Water Research

A global leader in desert agriculture, BGU will partner with India to improve food and water sustainability.

BGU Technology Filters Airborne COVID-19 Particles

September 25, 2020

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Medical Research

CO2 lasers are used with a graphene mesh to electrocute and neutralize airborne pathogens and bacteria.

COVID-19 in Wastewater Poses Serious Health Threat

August 30, 2020

Tags: Desert & Water Research

BGU group is concerned about how long coronavirus survives in wastewater and how it may impact water sources.

BGU Helps Pinpoint COVID-19 Hot Spots in Sewage

June 8, 2020

Tags: Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

Startup partners with BGU to detect COVID-19 in wastewater to predict future outbreaks.

BGU Water Researcher Develops Self-Sterilizing Air Filter

April 24, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

This anti-viral solution could be integrated into face masks, ventilation systems for buildings and vehicles.