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Israel Excels in Space and Satellite Technology

October 19, 2017

Tags: Nanotechnology, Natural Sciences

BGU plays a key role by designing microsatellites and conducting environmental research from space.

BGU Maps World’s Reptiles for the First Time

October 9, 2017

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Natural Sciences

The map reveals where reptile diversity is scarce and will aid in devising a conservation program.

Millions Could Benefit From Drought-Stricken Olive Trees

May 26, 2017

Tags: Desert & Water Research

At BGU’s experimental desert farm, agriculture is based solely on the collection of rare floodwaters.

Parakeets Are Taking Over Israel’s Palm Trees

December 29, 2016

Tags: Natural Sciences

Some of Israel’s native birds are being kicked out of their homes, says a BGU bird expert.

Tackling the E-Waste Problem in the West Bank

December 1, 2016

Tags: Desert & Water Research

A BGU scientist’s ambitious plan could help the environment and improve Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Water Resources for Developing Countries

August 19, 2016

Tags: Desert & Water Research

BGU is tackling global water issues and cultivating the next generation of leaders in the field.

How Plants Communicate With One Another

May 3, 2016

Tags: Natural Sciences

Plant biologist Prof. Ariel Novoplansky presents his research at U Penn’s Morris Arboretum.

TLV Radio Features BGU Researchers

March 4, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Social Sciences & Humanities

Listen and learn about the impact of education on Bedouin women and who owns the Israeli media.

U. Chicago and BGU Form Water Alliance

February 12, 2015

Tags: Desert & Water Research, Nanotechnology, Negev Development & Community Programs

BGU brings water expertise to University of Chicago research collaboration.