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There’s a New Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

October 22, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

Yahoo! Life — If you’re looking to keep your weight under control, common knowledge would have you believing it boils
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BGU Designs Wearable System to Predict Seizures

September 29, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

The device uses learning-based algorithms to predict seizures up to one hour in advance.

How Israel Is Coping With COVID-19

September 8, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

BGU research shows meaningful online social interactions assist older adults who are isolated.

Israel’s First National Autism Database Launches

August 19, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

A new database at BGU’s National Autism Research Center of Israel will improve autism diagnosis and treatment.

Fixing Fat Levels May Lower Risk of Autism

August 13, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

New BGU research finds a link between fat levels and autism. Could diet prevent the onset of the disease?

Cuddling A Furry Robot Makes Life Less Painful

July 1, 2020

Tags: Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

A BGU study shows that physically interacting with a robotic seal can reduce the perception of pain.

New Test for Degenerative Brain Injury in Athletes

June 24, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

Through new brain imaging and analytical methods, BGU researchers can detect neuro-degenerative disease.

Robot Cuddles Fill Void When Touching Is Taboo

June 18, 2020

Tags: Medical Research, Robotics & High-Tech

A BGU study finds a furry robotic animal could hold the key to pain relief.

BGU and Emory University Partner on Autism Research

January 21, 2020

Tags: Medical Research

International research collaboration could bring us one step closer to a cure for autism.