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A Well of Artistry Springs in Beer-Sheva

A Well of Artistry Springs in Beer-Sheva

March 11, 2012

Negev Development & Community Programs

Located in the old city of Beer-Sheva, this new art space is called Habeer for the ancient well located in the courtyard of the refurbished Turkish-era building — be’er means well in Hebrew.

Habeer is the undertaking of two renowned artists, Haim Maor of BGU’s Department of the Arts and Osvaldo Romberg.

Both men are known for their work that analyzes and interprets: Romberg
tends to take a constant, close look at art and art history while Maor
offers a more personal view on the issues that challenge Israeli

This non-profit exhibition space focuses on video, experimental film and
multimedia, and is supported by BGU, the Rashi Foundation, and the
municipality of Beer-Sheva.

Habeer will also host a range of
art activities, exhibitions, symposiums and cultural events that combine
theoretical content and interdisciplinary art.

“This place is going to be like Neve Tzedek times six,” says Maor. “This is the future of Israel.”

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Haim Maor is one of the faculty scholars participating in AABGU’s
upcoming Israeli Art and Architecture Tour May 8-13, 2012.
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